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Phase III products aren’t just green, they go beyond green. Other products claim bio-degradability, but what does that really mean? It means that the product is green until it comes in contact with grease, oil or fat; then it is not readily bio-degradable. Phase III manufactures eco-responsible cleaners and absorbents that are not only designed for compatibility with the environment, but reduce and eliminate the waste stream going back into the environment through bio-remediation... that is what we mean by “going beyond green”.

Oil Sponge AB+ Absorbent
• Ranked #1 by the Army Corp of Engineers
• Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay
• Reduces clean-up time
• Reduces disposal cost
• Certified 100% bio-organic





Oil Sponge Heavy-Duty Cleaner
• Ranked #1 by NASA in cleaning efficiency
• Super concentrated to save you money
• Bio-compatible with bacteria packages
• Excellent for aqueous parts washers
• Low VOC content to meet air quality standards

Bio-Green Technology Microbial Products
• Excellent for bio-cells and remediation sites
• Safely degrade oil, grease, fats, waste and many other contaminants
• Available in liquid, powder, tablet and slow-release cube
• Ideal for drain lines, grease traps, ponds and sewer systems

Pads, Socks and Wipers
• EVERSOAK® Sorbent Pads are made with 80% recycled cellulose fibers
• Light-weight general purpose sorbent pads soak up both oil and water and many other fluids
• EVERSOAK® BASIC Sorbent Pads are more absorbent than the leading competitor's heavy-weight meltblown pad (lab tested per EDANA 10.4-02)
• EVERSOAK® BASIC Sorbent Pads are more absorbent and a more cost effective alternative than the leading competitor's meltblown sorbent pads



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